I went hunting for a new tv stand last week. I knew what I wanted in my mind but their was nothig even close to it. Something freestanding, akin to a painters easel, but made of metal instead of wood.

I found one by Samsung that was close, but its was insanely expensive and also proprietary – the bracket on the back only worked with one of their ultra high end tvs. So I figured why not take a stab at making my own.




The stand is made of 3 hollow metal tubes, and joined together by a joint with a VESA friendly mounting bracket welded to the joint. This makes assembly fairly straight forward and, as I like, with as few moving parts as possible. The clever part is the cable management, at the top on the inside of, and the bottom on the outside of, the longest arm  in the back is two holes to pass basic power cables through to maintain a seamless look. (I realize that hole looks like more of a slit in the render below but it will be large enough to pass cables through)

You’d mount the bracket arms directly to your TV, any size between 40-75 inches, and then hang the arms from the bracket frame.

The bracket/arm design as it is now exists, but its designed to be screwed into the wall and mounted. I wanted something for those of us who didn’t want to drill any holes, but also something modern and unique. So the design welds the bracket to the joint.

TV tripod stands are actually nothing new in the corporate world, and you can find them at your local office supply store by the truckloads, many of them with unsightly but functional wheels attached and in generally unappealing corporate designs. This is a more home friendly take on that.


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Packaging will need to be optimized but because this one contains no glass and no moving parts, it will be more durable so we can save a lot on the end cost with less concern for shipping. the end package will contain the 3 legs and 1 joint/bracket, and should be sub $100 USD.

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