W hat is it? A Magic mirror. Or to be more precise, the worlds first consumer available freestanding smart mirror. Imagine a mirror you can walk up to, check your email, glance at your calendar, stream music from, and even watch your favorite videos – everything you can do now on your phone but without ever having to look at it. Its that, and more.

Here’s the details at a glance you need to know:

  • 55 inch tall mirrored glass
  • 15 inch Android powered touchscreen embedded behind mirrored finish
  • Wifi and bluetooth enabled
  • American/European Standard Power Cable
  • SD, ethernet and usb ports on a ventilated and locked entry back

Why Android?

You may have seen magic mirrors before on Reddit and Pinterest as Do-It-Yourself projects, but there aren’t any for commercial sale en masse. The DIY versions are a hodgepodge of refurbished parts and thus a basic understanding of entry level programming with the raspberry pi is required – its not a project for the faint of heart. The other software is great, but we opted for the reliability of a platform that has been more widely adopted, and has access to a larger breadth of applications, but also one open enough to allow the more adventurous to tinker should they want to.

Off The Wall Design…

All of the current iterations of this idea feature a unit needing to be hanged on a wall. We’re urban focused and that means designing for those of us who live in apartments or otherwise dont own our space – making us less willing and able to fully express ourselves on our dwelling by drilling holes and hanging heavy items. Where mounting heavy items is off limits, we opted for a freestanding design for the Monolith to set firmly on the floor – no drilling required.

The world’s first

freestanding smart mirror

designed for home…

Powered by ANDROID, the device is ready to use out of the box. Just unbox, set legs, power on and sign In. Its that simple. included in the box is a remote that is optional to use. Assembled Measurements are 55in x 16in x 3 in

Once up and running users will have access to the world largest library of apps. Browse the web via your wifi connection,  post to social media or, stream music via your bluetooth connection or use the built in speakers.

The motherboard is in the base of the unit accessible via a locked door that users have the key to. Moving the mother board down below the touchscreen portion allows us to save on space, thickness and more evenly distribute the weight.

We opted to not include a camera/mic deliberately as the potential for hackers to gain access to a device that couldnt be closed, unlike a laptop, and will likely be in peoples bedrooms seemed like a bad combination.

Im still tinkering with various APKs but the optimized sweet spot version seems to be Android 6.0.

Once we’re done filming I will look to raise $55,000 by selling at least 100 units and meeting our minimum order quantity to make the numbers work.  Custom tooling, machining and manufacturing is expensive and requires one of a kind manufacturing assets like molds which usually cant be re-purposed or reused. Whether you make 1 or 100, those assets need to be made first and the price is which that cost can be evenly and reasonably spread over several units is the minimum order quantity needed to justify moving forward with manufacturing.

To keep the costs of manufacturing down, the first run will have limited variability of hardware factors like leg configuration. One unit in one configuration, with one color. If it does well we will offer variations based on screen orientation and color.