We felt the need to keep pushing the boundaries of affordability without sacrificing quality. Creating something just as durable, even more portable, and the most affordable. Schotzi is the realization of that vision.

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01. Research

I’ve learned from previous units that screw on legs are a complication – so we chopped the legs off and built the foundation into the base. One less thing for an end user to worry about.

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02. Design

At 2ft x 2ft this is our smallest unit by square footage yet. The square design allows maximum sturdiness and its small stature means its easibly transportable, both by us and the end user.

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03. Develop

Final revisions focused mostly on the glass panels, like the legs we wanted to reduce the need for screws so taking a page from The Sentinel, we built the glass supports into the unit itself allowing them to slide right in upon setup.