We felt we had to make a statement with our first expansion into our flagship fire line -with the Sentinel we achieved it. Inspired by the blocky Monolith from Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey, this column is a must have for entryway,  hallways and anywhere else you need to make a great first impression to your home. Once the province of only the wealthy, we’ve streamlined production to come in at well under 20% oft he cost of the nearest competitors bio-ethanol column. Affordable, but never cheap, standing at 5 feet tall this piece is made of powder coated cold rolled steel, and has insert for 3 included tempered glass panels. As always the 1.5 Liter burner unit is included and if you’re looking for an upgrade you can always spring for the custom long lighter which will be available soon.

Item No.

01. Reuse

We wanted to utilize the same size burner as previous units, so people didn’t have to constantly buy new proprietary ones. With that in mind we settled on a design that houses the same burner as the Kaffee.

Item No.

02. Design

At 5 feet tall there’s no way around it, this thing is big. And with size comes weight, we hollowed out the inside to keep the total weight to a minimum thus ensuring shipping costs don’t force the prices higher.

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03. Develop

For the glass, we wanted to get away from screw accessories that could be lost or stripped during the install phase so we settled on glass panels that simply slide into holders inside of the unit and reduced the need entirely for tools during assembly of any kind.






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