After years of running a virtual fireplace on my computer screen in my downtown apartment, I became fixated on the idea of something better. Something that could provide a similar ambiance as a fireplace in an urban environment without the need to install chimneys or run electric/gas lines. I quickly found the bio-ethanol fuel furniture marketplace and was no sooner disappointed with the ridiculous mark-ups that have become commonplace within the furniture industry at large.

I became absolutely convinced I could do it myself better and began researching everything that went into manufacturing a proper metal table frame.

After months of diligence, I found a great manufacturer. We took an existing model they were selling in Europe and modified the legs, density of the metal, and other properties to bring the cost down – Northern Elements was born. After several modifications, I feel I have found the most efficient, cost effective method for making premium quality bio-ethanol furniture available to the average person and at a fraction of the cost of the competition. Now that I have one for myself I’d like to offer them to the public as well.

Inspired by the winters of the north, designed around the core element of fire and built with affordability in mind, our first offering “Kaffee” is a modern piece I’m proud of to be a part of bringing to the US marketplace and hope it will be a welcome addition in your home.

Well anyone can buy it of course, but I did have a specific subset of the population in mind. I imagined someone who was an urban dwelling millennial, like myself. A young professional still establishing their career, a bit of disposable income above and beyond the IKEA entry level furniture, but not quite ready to justify spending $600 or more on fancy boutique retail furniture that isn’t very remarkable. Someone perhaps with a place of their own for the first time, living in an apartment or condo in a large city and without access to a fireplace.

Assemble the table per the instruction guide provided – its simple I promise.

1) Attach the legs with the small screws.

2) Screw in glass panels.

3) Insert burner.

4) Add your fireplace glass or fire resistant stones to the basin if you have them.

5) Pour in the bioethanol fuel until its fully saturated – e.g. when you begin to see it pool a the bottom.(Fuel not included)

6) Carefully light with included long lighter.

Once done, simply use the included extinguishing tool to close the lid (leave it closed to avoid evaporation).

1 – Table in a color of your choice.

1 – 1.5 Liter burner unit.

1 – Brushed Aluminum Long Lighter

4 – Legs with screws

4 – Glass panels with adjustable screws for either an airtight, or open, configuration.

1 – Steel Extinguishing Tool


44.5″L x 17.5″W x 9″H

— Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s
— 1.5L Bioethanol Burner Insert
— Fuel Not Included – Uses Pure Ethanol Fuel ONLY
— Double Powder-Coated Steel Table
— Airtight Glass Fire Enclosure
— Removable Glass Panels
— Gives Off About 5,000 BTUs Of Heat

Its smoke free, meaning no ventilation needed. No gas lines. No power lines. It run on commercially available, easy to refill, fuel that is cheaper by the dollar for burn time when compered to a designer candle. And it looks really cool.

I live in a city that has been ranked dead last in startups. The Venture Capital and Angel scene to finance manufacturing is basically non existent, and the few I have talked to are obsessed with me raising my price for no reason other than more return and I don’t want to. I’m committed to making remarkable sub $500 furniture pieces and I cant do that unless I go direct to the people!

We’re looking to raise $60,000 by selling at least 212 units. Why that amount? Because thats, the amount that fits into a standard shipping container and the minimum volume at which the costs make financial sense.  While I appreciate every dollar, I cant afford the logistical complexity of multi-tier offerings. One tier, one product.

We’ll use our campaign funding to initiate large scale manufacturing and get the first batch delivered within about 9 weeks – 30 days to manufacture, 30 days via sea freight, and another 10 to get to Fulfillment by Amazon centers who will send it to you.