One day, in 2015, I was looking for a new coffee table. I came upon a totally unique indoor coffee table with a fireplace built into it, but it was priced ridiculously out of my budget.  The more I searched around for a comparable and affordable solution the more I found I wasn’t alone in my search. After scouring the marketplace with no luck for reasonably price bio-ethanol furniture, a friend and I joked I ought to make my own.

Like any good joke, there was some truth in it, and thus the impetus for Northern Elements was born. I hit the drawing board, did my diligence in finding a perfect manufacturer, and after what seemed like a hundred iterations I settled on one that worked.  It wasn’t long before I had a product I was satisfied with.

We’ve grown, expanding the firepiece line and into other home goods products entirely. Born in the Midwest, inspired by the frigid winters of the north, this is the result of our attempts to bring the modern home within reach of the young professional.

We are Northern Elements.


Where do I get them?

We offer a sale once a season on the male focused flash sale website touchofmodern.com

Why so seldom?

I’m a very small company, in fact its just me doing everything from designing the products to handling the international freight logistics to coding the website. But mostly because everything I sell has to be manufactured by me at my own expense first. Right now I can only afford to to manufacture so much out of pocket.

General Usage

Where can I get fuel?

US safety regulations make moving flammable liquids a burden for a small company like ours. Fortunately there’s plenty of fairly priced fuel already on Amazon, just ensure to search “bioethanol fuel” only. No other kinds of fuel will work.

How much heat does it produce?

Our standard burner puts out about 5000 btus of heat, it will make a noticeable difference in any small to mid square footage rooms.

Can I use it as a primary heat source?

No, absolutely not. It produces heat as a by product but like a candle this flame is meant for aesthetics only.

How far away from things should it be?

Keep all other furniture and items 1 meter away from the top of the flame. The bottom can be rested directly on the ground and remains cool to the touch.

How do I light it?

Use a long kitchen lighter only. Do not use a match or other short style lighter.


Custom Orders?

Definitely, reach out to us on our contact page to get started with a quote.

Does this violate my housing agreement?

No, this is legally classified as a candle so if those are allowed in your agreement, you should be fine.

Wheres the assembly manual?

We’re super serious about being a paper free company but you can view/download the user guide here:



Our most portable, and affordable, bioethanol firepiece yet. Learn more by clicking below.

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